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A Good Drain Cleaning Service Provider Makes It Easy to Clear Clogged Drains

Every plumbing system, whether in homes or any other buildings, is connected to a drainage system that carries away the wastewater for further disposal. These drains can get clogged and this can pose a health hazard and property damage from any overflow of the wastewater, due to the drain not fulfilling its proper function.

Attending Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be an inconvenience if not attended to immediately. In homes, often the use is made of drain cleaners, plungers, and other devices, but stubborn clogging may often require that you get in a professional drain cleaning service to have the job performed. These professionals come fully equipped with the right tools and have the requisite experience in handling all kinds of tricky problems connected with drains. You will almost certainly find such service providers in your town, who will be glad to provide the needed solution for your clogged drains. Many of them have 24-hour services to attend to any emergency.

Assessment of a Problem

One of the first things that these professionals will do, when called on for your drainage problems is to assess the problem, locate the blockage point in the drains, and identify the cause of the blockage. In most cases, it is from food scraps, hair, scum from soap, and other dirt, but this can also occur when tree roots intrude in pipes, or from other solid things like paper or rags that are unknowingly or intentionally thrown into drains through toilets and other waste pipes in a plumbing system.

At times, this clog may occur, not in the building, but in drainage pipes buried deep in the ground. In such cases, your drain cleaning service may make use of video cameras attached to a thin rod to inspect the insides of drainage pipes.

Removal of Clogs

Once the position of a clog is detected, these drain cleaning services use many drain cleaning devices and techniques to clear the clog and have the drain functioning to its full capacity once again. Stubborn clogs that do not respond to plungers are removed through drain snaking. In this, a long thin cable that has a pointed end is inserted into the drain and manipulated to dislodge the clog. This can be done manually or be operated by motors.

Augers are another tool often used by the cleaners of drains. These are also on cables and can be rotated to literally drill into the clog and break it into pieces so that it can be then flushed out to clear the drain. They can be handheld or motorized. They are generally used for pipes of a higher diameter. It is the professionals who will decide what method they will use after they have completed their assessment.

Very stubborn clogs can often require the use of high-pressure water jets to scour away the waste that has built up in a clogged pipe. Pressures used in these machines for hydro-jetting can be as high as 4000 psi and can remove the most stubborn of blockages.

Your drain cleaning service provider will also suggest that the services of a pipe repair service if during their assessment they find that it is tree roots that have damaged the pipe and clogged the drain.