Expert Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Pierpoint Plumbing: the experts you can trust to flush plumbing problems

Expert Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Pierpoint Plumbing: the experts you can trust to flush plumbing problems

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Water Line Repair in Greenwood, MO

Sewer Replacement & Repair Service

Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair delivers dependable sewer replacement and repair services for swift and effective solutions.

Water Line Replacement in Greenwood, MO

Water Line Replacement & Repair Service

Affordability meets quality with Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair,  water line replacement and repair services.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Service

Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair, your trusted choice, excels in quick and reliable tankless water heater installations.

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Top-Rated Plumbing Services IN Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

At Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair, we are your go-to for seamless plumbing solutions, boasting a team of friendly staff and expert technicians committed to ensuring a positive and professional experience. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we guarantee that repairs are done right the first time. With a comprehensive range of plumbing services, Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair becomes your dependable partner for all your plumbing needs, offering genuine dedication and approachability to make your experience easy and stress-free.

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About Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair

Experience expert plumbing solutions with Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair, where our mission revolves around unparalleled service. We are dedicated to delivering trustworthy expert technicians, dependability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Beyond resolving plumbing issues, our goal is to become your trusted, go-to choice for all things plumbing.

Our skilled contractors handle everything from faucet replacements to full plumbing installations for homes, businesses, and new construction. We excel in water line repair and replacement, ensuring seamless plumbing operations. Committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget, customer satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for a complimentary quote and discover why we’re one of the most respected plumbing companies in the Kansas City Area. Whether it’s a simple repair, a remodel, or a complete plumbing overhaul, trust our owner-operated company to get the job done right. With years of service to Kansas City homeowners and businesses, we look forward to providing expert plumbing solutions for years to come. Call us now at 816-922-0879 and experience the reliability and expertise that define Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Petra Kim
Thank you for checking our water pump and circulator. Hope we can progress and make the good repair through Pierpoint plumbing.
Kalin Callewaert
Austin and his crew are top notch! They did 2 full sewer line replacements, solved a major storm drainage issue, added on a gas line and made an emergency repair for one of my rentals this past month. Austin is on top of communication; everyone on his team was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Pierpoint for any sized job! They are great!
Dale Lock
Kike did an excellent job of extending our gas line so that we could install a new pool heater. The service was reasonably priced. Communication was good. I’ll definitely use Pierpoint again for my plumbing needs.
Alex Goodwin
Pierpoint Plumbing did excellent work. They were able to give an estimate to me the same day I called and began work the next day. Would definitely recommend for any size plumbing job.
Jay Serrano
Very friendly and quick to resolve the issue! Highly recommend!
Diana P.
The installation of my new bathroom faucet was done very well and quickly. They arrived on time and charged me the quoted price. Definitely will use again.
Robert F Gardner
Great company, great guy running it! Local businesses is best in my opinion. Take a chance with Pierpoint Plumbing. You will be glad you did!
G Pacheco
Pier point Plumbing was very prompt and courteous. The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful able to explain the problem and process very concise the customer service was very good I will recommend you to my family. Thank you.

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why does my water smell like rotten eggs

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs in Kansas City, MO?

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs? No one wants their morning shower to remind them of a breakfast gone wrong, right?  As Kansas City’s certified 24-hour plumber, we at Pierpoint Plumbing, Sewer, & Water Line Repair have identified and addressed countless cases just like yours. It’s actually more common than you think. Keep reading as we discuss the crucial details and help restore your water quality. Causes of a Rotten Egg Smell in Water in Kansas City When unsettling odors emanate from your tap water, hydrogen sulfide gas is the main offender. This naturally occurring compound can stem from various sources, including: Bacteria Sulfur bacteria thrive in low-oxygen environments and can wreak havoc in your water supply. They produce a slime that can clog plumbing systems and help other microorganisms thrive.  When these bacteria consume organic matter in your water, they emit hydrogen sulfide as a by-product. This is not just an aesthetic concern; it can also hint at the presence of harmful contaminants making their way into your tap water. Chemical Reactions When metal components in plumbing fixtures interact with acidic or mineral-rich water, they release hydrogen sulfide gas. Water heaters, in particular, are a common reason for water smelling like rotten eggs—especially when they don’t receive proper upkeep. Sediment

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