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Choosing The Best Bathroom Faucet

We may take them for granted, but bathroom faucets are one of the most important fixtures we have in our house. They are not only functional, but they represent our own individual style. Of course, the best way to ensure that your bathroom faucets live up to expectations is to have them fitted by a qualified plumbing professional – but even before they take pride of place in the bathroom, you will have to make the choice of which type of faucet best suits your unique needs – and is a reflection of your individual sense of style. Here are some of the most popular.

If you are in search of a sleek and simple design that has stood the test of time then the single faucet may be what you are looking for. These faucets fit into a single point at the back of the sink and most often boast a single lever. This lever will control the flow of water and the temperature. As far as bathroom plumbing is concerned they offer an easier and less time-consuming installation process than many other options. They also take up less room than the two faucet options and are therefore ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Alternatives to the traditional two faucet setup

Wall-mounted faucets are a fashion statement. They are a great alternative to the traditional two faucet setup and they also have the advantage of freeing up space on the sink surface or vanity. There is a downside, however. They require a wall-mounted valve which can be pricey. Careful measurement is required in order to ensure that the height and depth of the faucet and the sink are aligned. A miscalculation can end up in a soaking floor. However, the plus side is that the homeowner can choose between a single level or dual lever design.

The widespread faucet layout is extremely popular in part due to the fact that there is simply so much choice when it comes to layout and design. The handles are not attached to the faucet which means that they can be spaced according to the individual requirements of the homeowner. It also means that a wide variety of basin types can be used in conjunction with the faucets.

Why choose Vessel Sink Bathroom Faucets?

If you are after a striking focal point for the bathroom then vessel faucets might just be the solution. These are set higher than normal due to the fact that they are designed for use with basins that perch on top of the countertop. They are most commonly of the single-lever design combined with a single-hole faucet. Due to the fact that they can be combined with a huge number of different sink designs and are available in a variety of designs and finishes they provide a faucet solution that will fit into any design aesthetic.

Whatever your choice of faucet your best approach to bathroom faucet plumbing is to call in a professional to ensure that the fitment is of the highest quality. Spending money on the faucet of your dreams is only the first step to enjoying a bathroom that is a true reflection of your individual style. A professional residential plumber will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your plumbing will perform to the highest specifications.