About The Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Raytown, Missouri

Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery is located in Raytown, Missouri. The parish is a member of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph. The cemetery was founded in 1894. The grounds are beautiful and serene. It is a wonderful place for the interment of loved ones. This burial site is a ministry of the Diocese and is staffed by a caring staff. The service of the cemetery is offered free of charge to the public.

Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery is a large, active cemetery. The grounds are 49 acres and feature beautiful landscaping, lush gardens, and a sprawling view. The chapel is an example of Gothic architecture and features porcelain memorial portraits. You can visit the mausoleum, which is located in a mausoleum. The funeral home can also provide you with a personalized service at the cemetery.

In 1908, Joseph Robidoux was reburied with his family and friends at the Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery. The lack of headstones led to the excavations of the entire lot. On August 13, workers stayed until the sun went down and had more questions than answers. The next day, heavy rains stopped the dig. The burial site was cleared and the exhumations began. But the work had already begun.

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