About The Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Blue Springs, MO

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area Blue Spring is an outstanding location to experience nature in a beautiful setting. You can explore forests, native grasses, prairie, and ponds that attract hunters, hikers, and birders alike. In addition to a wide variety of wildlife, the Natural preserve also provides opportunities for fishing, hunting, and nature viewing.

The area is also home to an early agroforestry demonstration project. Here, Black Walnut trees are spaced evenly along the road leading to the Nature Center. Between the rows, hay is grown in the shade of the trees, which also provide food for the local wildlife.

Thousands of people have enjoyed the natural oasis at Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Blue Spring, Missouri. The nature center has organized several activities for children and adults, including snake spotting, fishing, and spotting wild turkeys. Some people who came as children now bring their kids to experience the natural setting. Teachers, too, bring their students to enjoy the outdoors.

For entertainment, there is a Blue Springs 8 Movie Theater. For the entertainment of the whole family, the theater also features concessions. Rink Ratz Skating Rink is another popular attraction in the area. Featuring standard skate nights, this rink also hosts fund-raising events for local schools and has regular dances. Discount days and open sessions are also held at the Rink Ratz Skating Rink.

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area is home to several museums. In addition to its educational exhibits about local wildlife, visitors can enjoy a scenic trail through the woods. There are also a variety of outdoor activities in Blue Spring, including boat rentals, fishing licenses, and live entertainment.

Residents of Blue Springs are ethnically diverse, with many belonging to a variety of races. The greatest percentages of residents are White, followed by Black and African-American. Other important ancestries include Irish, English, French, and Italian. Throughout the city, residents speak multiple languages, which is a great advantage for tourists.

There are more than 35 miles of hiking and biking trails in Blue Springs, which make them convenient for people of all fitness levels. Two dozen parks offer bike/walk trails and other recreational programs for those who want to explore nature. Located near Kansas City and Independence, Blue Springs is home to many family-friendly attractions.

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area Blue Spring is one of the most popular nature destinations in the area. The Missouri Conservation Department established the nature center in 1982. The center features a native plant garden at the entrance. The garden is maintained by Extension Master Gardeners. This area is perfect for morning walks and family outings. You can also observe wild turkeys here.

A nature center is a great place for children to play. There are paved trails for strollers and gravel trails for kids who want to take a more challenging hike. However, this popular destination can get busy, especially during peak seasons and days. Also, pets are not allowed.

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