Blue Spring, Missouri

The City of Blue Springs, Missouri, is home to more than 285 employees, and the city’s government is based on a Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government. The City Council appoints the City Administrator, who is responsible for implementing policies and plans for the city. The council consists of a Mayor and six Councilpersons.

There are over 3000 springs in Missouri, and Blue Spring is one of the deepest in the state. The spring is over 310 feet deep, and it has a vibrant blue color. It is also one of the deepest in the nation. It’s deep enough for the Statue of Liberty to stand five feet below the water. The Missouri Department of Conservation owns the spring, and the National Park Service owns the surrounding land.

Blue Spring’s history is tied to its role as a stopover for early settlers on the westward migration. The city’s natural spring provided a convenient resting place for these travelers. In 1838, a settler named Franklin Smith moved to the town from Virginia and established the town’s first post office.

Blue Spring is located 14 miles east of Eminence and west of Ellington. It’s accessible from State Route 106. The dirt road leading to Blue Spring is long and steep, so you may want to take a vehicle that is not too large. Normal passenger cars, however, can make it. Once there, you can take a short trail along the spring. Alternatively, you can camp at the Powder Mill Campground just a half-mile away.

Blue Springs has a good housing market, award-winning schools, and great access to major metropolitan areas. As a result, Blue Springs is a desirable choice for working commuters. The city’s population is just over 59,000, and it is growing at an average rate of 1.5% per year. The city is also home to a renowned park system, which is one of the most popular features of the town.

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If you’re looking for a festive activity in Blue Spring, try Christmas in the Park. This seasonal attraction is open until December 31. This outdoor holiday event features more than 300,000 glistening lights and 175 animated holiday scenes. This festive event is free to enjoy and open to the public, though donations are encouraged.

Another place you can visit is Missouri Town 1855. This county historical park is open year-round, but you can check out special holiday events on December 12, 2015. The town celebrates its rich heritage, and the holiday season is no exception. The town features period-dressed actors, warm fires, and home-baked treats. It is also open to the public, and there are special tickets for children and seniors.

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