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Hints And Tips For Replacing A Garbage Disposal System

The history of the garbage disposal can be a bit confusing. It was either invented by engineers at General Electric in 1935, or in 1927 by a Wisconsin architect who was the forward-thinking designer of the InSinkErator. The history of this indispensable home appliance also has some other interesting high (or low) points. In the 1970s, New York City banned garbage disposals due to worries about the effect that they would have on the city’s sewage lines. but thankfully in 1997, that ban was lifted.

Whatever its history, garbage disposals have become a fixture in our homes. However, as with all modern conveniences, the time comes when you might consider replacing your garbage disposal unit. If you are considering a replacement here are some hints and tips to make the process as painless as possible. Of course – in order to get real peace of mind you could bring in a plumbing professional to do the job for you, replacing garbage disposal can be a challenge.

What you should know before you replace a malfunctioning garbage disposal

Before you make the first move to replace a malfunctioning garbage disposal, make sure that it is actually broken. Find the electrical outlet and make sure that the disposal is plugged in properly. The plug can be easily dislodged when reaching in for cleaning supplies. It is also possible that the circuit breaker has tripped. there should be a tiny red button on the bottom of the disposal – give that a push to reset the unit. If that doesn’t do the trick it may truly be broken.

If the motor hums, but the blades don’t turn it is possible that it is just jammed. If there is an obstruction (use a torch to see into the disposal) then turn off the unit and unplug it before using pliers to remove the obstruction. Don’t stick your hands into a garbage disposal. That will almost inevitably end up with a trip to the emergency room.

If you’re going to replace the garbage disposal yourself then you are going to need some basic tools and supplies including a flat-head screwdriver, a needle-nose plier, a Philips-head screwdriver, Plumber’s Putty, a hammer, a putty knife, and a flashlight.

The process of replacing the garbage disposal

The process of actually replacing the garbage disposal is one that consists of a number of steps. If you have not done this sort of job before the easiest way to get an insight into how to successfully replace the disposal is to take a look at one of the many YouTube videos on the subject. Or hire an experienced kitchen plumber. Remember the process will differ depending on the make, model, and age of your garbage disposal. Before you start any job that involves sharp blades and electricity make sure that the garbage disposal is off and that it has been unplugged from mains electricity.

The alternative is of course to get a residential plumbing company to deal with garbage disposal plumbing and replacement. It’ll save you time and effort – and you will have the assurance of knowing that the job has been done right the first time. A garbage disposal is one of those appliances that make modern life so convenient – but nothing lasts forever – and that professional will also be able to advise you on your options as far as makes and models when it comes time to replace or upgrade.