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Drain Replacement Options From Pierpoint Plumbing

There are many older homes where a drain replacement would be a good option. Older drains are prone to leakage, and by replacing them, you can avoid potential problems. Rusted drains, or those that are already damaged, should be replaced as soon as possible. If the drain does burst, this can lead to the potential for water damage in your home. If you have the necessary tools, and expertise, this is something that you can do on your own. However, it might be more advantageous to contact a local plumber to complete this job. Here is an overview of why you should consider doing a drain replacement using Pierpoint Plumbing.

How To Replace A Sink Drain

If you need to replace the drain in your sink, it’s actually a very simple process. To do this, you will need a new drain assembly and several tools to complete the process. This will include a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, plumbing flyers, and Teflon tape. Plumbers putty, a basin, a towel, wet wipes, and scissors can also help you complete this process. The initial step will be to remove the pop-up ball and rod which are located right behind the drain. You will then remove the stopper, loosen the slip nuts of the P-trap, and remove it from the drain. You will then use the pliers to remove the bottom of the drain, followed by inserting the new drain in its place. Finally, restore everything as it was before, using plumbers putty and Teflon tape to make sure there is a tight fit that will prevent leakage.

Three Reasons To Use Pierpoint Plumbing

Although most people with the proper tools and materials could complete this task quickly, calling a plumber might be the best solution. First of all, not everyone has the necessary tools or the time to obtain the materials needed. Second, you may not have the time to do this type of project. Finally, when using a professional plumber, they will guarantee that the job will be done properly. This means that your new drain will not leak, and you will likely not have to change it again, once these professionals have completed the project.

What You Should Know About Pierpoint Plumbing

This business offers commercial and residential plumbing services. They have been providing plumbing services for years in Greenwood, Missouri. Their workers are fully certified and licensed to provide plumbing services for businesses and individuals alike. If you are in the Kansas City area, you can trust this reputable company to provide you with the best drain replacement services in the area for less.

Although replacing your drain may not be difficult, working with a professional plumber would be much easier. Most of us will not have the time nor the patience to replace a drain in the kitchen or bathroom. This owner-operated plumbing company has built a reputation for excellence, prompting existing and prior clients to recommend them. If you need to have a drain changed out now, contact Pierpoint Plumbing to get the professional help that you need by visiting Our website.