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An Overview Of Drain Jetting

Drain jetting, also referred to as sewer jetting or hydro jetting, is a method for removing blockages from drain lines and sewers. A large amount of water, sprayed into the drain at high velocity, will break through blockages. To do this, plumbers will use jetting nozzles that are specifically made for this purpose. Most obstructions can be removed or at least dislodged and should be done regularly to prevent potential blockages. Here is an overview of how drain jetting works and why this should be done at your home on a regular basis.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

The key to the success of drain jetting is the pumping of water into your pipes. The use of a high-pressure hose, along with the specialized nozzle, will direct the water in at a very high pressure. The streams of water will be dispersed for several minutes, especially for blockages that could be far into the pipe. This is often used, in lieu of roto rooting, which uses a specialized auger that can often achieve a similar result.

Will Drain Jetting Work Every Time?

Drain jetting is proficient at removing blockages that are made up of soap, shampoo, hair, and dirt. However, if a root has grown into the drainage pipe, or if the pipe has been broken, this cannot resolve the blockage. That is why an auger with a wireless CCTV camera is often sent in first to identify where the problem actually is. It can also tell you what is blocking your drain, allowing the plumber to use the right tools to fix the problem.

How Long Will It Take To Break Through The Blockages

If the blockage has been identified as something other than a broken pipe or root by a drain plumber, it may only take a few minutes for the water to break through the blockage. Due to the high velocity of the water, it can flow extremely fast even several feet into the pipe itself. If the blockage is not bad, or is close to the top of the drain, this procedure may only last for a few seconds.

Should You Do Regular Drain Jetting?

The benefits associated with drain jetting are numerous. By cleaning your pipes with this procedure every few months, you can prevent the buildup of waste material within the interior of your pipe. This will also help you increase the longevity of your pipes and potentially minimize your water bill. Depending upon how much drain jetting will cost, it is likely a cost-effective decision.

How Is Drain Jetting Different From Snaking Your Pipe

Another term that is commonly used when breaking through blockages in a pipe is called snaking. It is the same procedure as roto rooting. Plumbers will use these electrically powered augurs, with rotating blades, to literally cut through materials in the pipe. This is the first line of defense if you have a root growing in your pipe. If it is small enough, the auger can bore right through it. Therefore, drain jetting and snaking your pipe have the same common goal despite the different way by which the blockage can be removed.

If you are able to do drain jetting on a consistent basis, you can often prevent the buildup of materials in your drainpipes. It will simply flush those materials out of the pipe due to the high pressure of the water. Drain jetting will not work if a root is blocking the drain line, or if the drain line has been damaged. It is the best way to prevent drain blockages from occurring that result from particulates in the pipe. Contact us today for all your residential plumbing needs!