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Emergency 24-Hour Plumber Services

Plumbing emergencies can wreak havoc on your property. When it comes to pipe bursts, leaks, and overflowing toilets, every minute matters. The more it takes to find a plumber, the bigger the damage and the more expensive the repair. Here are a few of the situations that call for the immediate services of an emergency 24-hour plumber.

Emergency Gas Line Issues

Gas line issues are a huge hazard, so they require immediate attention. The first thing to do whenever you smell gas inside or near your home is to call an emergency plumber to ask for help.

While waiting for the plumber, open all windows to allow fresh air to enter. Don’t switch on the lights, as this could result in blowing up the whole place, because of electric ark sparks.

Broken Water Heaters

A broken water heater is another plumbing emergency you need to address as early as possible, particularly if it occurs during the cold season or if you have a small baby or an elderly person living under your roof.

Even though a broken water heater may not cause any further damage to your property, it isn’t a thing to overlook if you care about your personal comfort.

Bursting Or Leaky Pipes

A bursting pipe is one of the scariest things, as it results in more or less severe water damage. Being able to call an emergency plumber in such situations is priceless. This is a good reason to always have their phone number handy so that you can seek help at any given time.

Leaky pipes may seem less scary. However, keep in mind that they are also plumbing emergencies. A minor leak can suddenly become a huge problem. Why wait until you have your entire home flooded when you can address the leak in its early stage?

Bathroom Or Kitchen Drain Clogs

More often than not, drain clogs result in foul smells and the impossibility to use your bathroom or your kitchen. Stale and dirty water is a source of germs, mold, and mildew, so you shouldn’t ignore or overlook it. Besides, not being able to use your sink or your shower is a real nuisance.

If you want to prevent such things from occurring, you need to perform regular cleanings of these drains. You have to make sure, though, that all of the products you use are non-toxic and environment-friendly. Harsh chemicals may work better, but they aren’t good for you or for the planet.

Overflowing Toilets Or Sewers

Fewer things are as unsightly as an overflowing toilet or sewer. Besides, this is one of the biggest health hazards of all, because this water is infested with germs and bacteria that could make you ill.

All of these situations require the immediate presence of an experienced plumber. As they may occur during outside working hours or during the weekend, regular plumbing services may not be available on very short notice. This is where a 24-hour emergency plumber would come in handy.