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4 Common Household Problems That Require Shower Repair Services

A shower allows homeowners to relax and make the most of their busy day. In fact, most showers are the foundations for a well-designed and constructed modern bathroom. Unfortunately, over time, the shower faucet system may start to malfunction and require shower repair services by a licensed professional plumber. Though shower faucets can often fail without warning, there are certain signs that herald the need for repair and maintenance. Below are four common problems that Pierpoint Plumbers often identify during shower repair services.

1. A Leaky Faucet

A shower faucet can easily develop leaks in a wide range of locations. In order to take care of this problem, it’s crucial to actually identify the origin of the leak. Most commonly, shower faucets leak where the showerheads connect to the wall pipe, the fixture itself, or behind the wall where the hidden plumbing lines work. A professional plumber isn’t just able to repair the problem in the shower but can identify the source of the issue right away.

2. Low Water Pressure

One of the more common problems with showers is low water pressure. At first glance, the cause isn’t always apparent, but it is easily caused by an aging showerhead or mineral buildup over time from hard water exposure. In other instances of low water pressure, the culprit may prove to be the water pressure regulator or the shower valve cartridge. The moment homeowners notice a change in how their water pressure levels change, it’s important to call a plumber as it can also signal that a small undetected water leak is present.

3. Unpleasant Odors And Smells

Showers by nature don’t always smell nice, but if a homeowner recognizes a wet, earthy, or pungent odor, it could signal that something is very wrong with the shower itself. More often than not, these foul odors are a result of mold or mildew developing over time after a leak is undetected and untreated for long periods of time. Usually, this problem is eliminated by either unclogging the drain if that’s the origin of the smell or fixing the plumbing leak that contributes to the growing mold problem.

4. Irregular Water Temperature

The shower faucet’s mixer valve may also malfunction at some point in time, resulting in irregular water temperatures being delivered during a shower. This is the valve found behind the scenes that’s responsible for mixing hot and cold water together to deliver water at the desired temperature when set. Usually, this problem is possible for homeowners to troubleshoot on their own. By opening the faucet in the kitchen, they can determine whether the water temperature is set correctly coming out of other faucets, or if they’re experiencing the same problem as in the bathroom. If the water temperature is properly set in other faucets, shower repair services are required.

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