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Is A Professional Bathtub Installation More Trustworthy Than A DIY Approach?

Remodeling a bathroom comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to replacing fixtures or outdated appliances. Installing a new bathtub is often at the top of every homeowner’s remodeling list, but they’re left pondering: is it worth hiring professional contractors?

Unlike most simple tasks around the home that are easily handled as a DIY task, installing a new bathtub requires skill, precision, and the right set of tools. Hiring professional plumbing contractors such as Pierpoint Plumbing offers numerous advantages rarely considered by budget-conscious property owners.

A Professional Installation Offers Custom Options

Homeowners have more leeway when it comes to selecting the right tub for their bathroom designs when they work directly with professional plumbers. They will have more options to customize the tub of their choice while also allowing them the opportunity to move to plumb or to extend the size of the currently existing tub or shower space. Professionals can also help homeowners select modern and functional showerheads, faucets, and other fixtures to help complement their new bathtub designs.

Professional Installation Comes With Warranty

Most bathroom fixtures come with a manufacturer’s warranty that’s only valid if the fixture is properly installed by professionals. Homeowners taking a DIY approach to installation not only run the risk of damaging the tub they’re installing, but they also potentially void the warranty without meaning to. This is especially something to really take into consideration when investing in a costly bathtub with modern amenities.

Plumbers Install Bathtubs Quickly

Most homeowners have never completed a bathtub installation on their own, in which case, it can take a great deal of trial and error to get the tub functioning. Hiring the right professional assistance will ensure that the tub isn’t just properly installed, but done so in a timely manner. It allows homeowners to take a load off their plate while they can focus on more important design-related aspects of the renovation.

Professionals Can Help Save Money

One of the most overlooked advantages of hiring plumbers to install a tub is that they can save homeowners money. From preventing unnecessary spending on tools and equipment to only offering quality fixtures, homeowners can rest assured that they’re getting a fair deal for their budgets. Additionally, plumbers can help keep expenses to a minimum by helping homeowners find the tubs and fixtures for their bathrooms that they can afford.

Professional Installations Are Long-Lasting

When homeowners take the initiative to hire professionals like Pierpoint Plumbing, they can rest assured that the installation work will last for many years. This means no maintenance or touch-ups are required because everything was installed correctly the first time around. During the installation process, it is easy to accidentally damage fixtures, but with a knowledgeable plumber present, safety and professionalism are guaranteed!

Hiring the right professional local plumber can ensure that any type of bathroom renovation will go according to plan. From adhering to local ordinances to potential HOA guidelines, professionals can handle any parameters that homeowners choose to set for their renovation work.