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A Quick Overview Of Bathtub Plumbing

If you have decided to renovate your bathroom, you may want to begin with your bathtub. It could have been years since you purchased your home. During this time, degradation of the pipes, shower valve, and even your drain could have happened. In order to restore your bathtub completely, you may actually have to remove it to replace it with a new one. This could be a standard bathtub, or it may be a shower bathtub combination. Here is a quick overview of how you can do bathtub plumbing and the different parts that you may need for these projects.

Different Parts Of The Bathtub

Aside from the bathtub itself, there are many components that are part of the installation process. A bathtub will have a faucet that allows you to use hot and cold water. The faucet is connected to the cold and hot water supply pipes. The pipes themselves are connected to the faucet with the gasket and retaining nut. There is also an overflow pipe with a flexible connector. The water outlet is out of sight, leading up to the trap and the indoor drain system. All of these components allow you to use your bathtub on a daily basis. However, as time passes, some of these components can fall into disrepair.

Problems That You Can Have With The Bathtub

There are many problems that can occur with a standard bathtub. For example, you may develop a leak at the base of the outlet itself. You may have leakage at the connecting point of your faucet and water pipes. This may require you to replace or repair these water pipes or even the faucet itself. The bathtub, over time, can also develop some issues. Depending upon the material from which it is made, it may begin to deteriorate, rust, or even crack. That’s why it’s important to take care of smaller problems as they arise. Otherwise, this could be a sizable project that could be extremely expensive when done all at once.

Other Bathtub Parts That You May Need

Before doing any repairs, you need to be aware of where the shut-off valves are. When you are working with hot or cold water, you do not want the water to flow. There are other parts that you may need to repair or replace. The diverter pipe, planer cross, and waste outlet may need special attention after years of usage. If you are doing a renovation of your bathroom, you will likely replace the bathroom faucet. The gaskets in the faucet could begin to leak, or it may simply become blocked due to calcium buildup. All of these parts are available at your local home improvement store. When you do the work yourself, it may take longer, but you can save money compared to using a local plumber.

Bathtub plumbing does not have to be difficult. As long as you have a toolbox with wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers, you should be able to fix any problem that arises. It’s important to know what each part of the bathtub does, plus knowing the name of each part can help you get a replacement part fast. Most experienced bathroom plumbers should be able to fix the most common problems with the bathtub. This will include a leaking faucet, leaking drain, or low water pressure. Now that you have a better idea about bathtub plumbing, you may be able to repair issues you are experiencing on your own. Once you know how a bathtub works, and the different parts that you will need, it should be easy to do the repairs as needed.