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Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Your bathroom has more pipes and fixtures than any other room in your house. This makes sense considering most of the freshwater used in the household goes to the bathroom appliances including the showers, sinks, toilets, hot & cold water lines, drainpipes, etc. In this read, we are going to provide a few bathroom plumbing maintenance tips to help ensure the second most used room in your house stays in good shape.

Do Not Flush Trash into the Toilet

Never use the toilet as a trash can. The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet should be toilet paper. Avoid facial tissues as well as they are highly absorbent and easily swell, thus blocking the pipes. Wet pipes are also a major issue as they clump together and become a clog that’s hard to remove, not just in your bathroom plumbing, but also in the sewer line as well as the municipal sewer system.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners on Drains

When you come across a slow or blocked drain in your bathroom, avoid using chemical drain cleaners to try and solve the issue. These products might solve the issue at hand, but they only work temporarily and create severe damage to the drainpipe as a result of corrosion. If you are unable to get rid of the clog with a hand-cracked drain snake or a plunger, it is best to seek professional help.

Protect Your Drains with Drain Covers

If your drains are exposed, they are more prone to picking soap scum and hair. Also, it is easier for things like toothpaste caps to go down the drain and get lodged in the pipes. A simple drain cover like a mesh in the shower or sink will protect your drainpipes from most of the issues that lead to clogs. For better proofing, ensure you clean the drain covers occasionally to prevent slow drainage.

Replace those Outdated Pipes

If you reside in an older home built before the 70s, then you have outdated plumbing. If you have steel, iron, lead or polybutylene pipes, all of which are susceptible to breakage and corrosion, it is time to replace them. Lead pipes are especially a hazardous risk for drinking water lines.

Schedule Routine Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to a major drain clog, drain cleaning is more than an emergency. Proper maintenance and preventive maintenance will help keep your bathroom plumbing stay in ideal shape. The use of professional cleaning tools and equipment to get rid of build-ups in the drains not only helps avoid clogs but also pipe decay. During the process, a professional plumber will also help figure out whether or not there are hidden pipe leaks or things that call for repairs and replacements.


These are tips that should help keep your bathroom plumbing in ideal shape. For all your bathroom plumbing needs Pierpoint Plumbing, LLC is here to get the job done right in the first attempt. Reach out today for the best results!