More Than Just Installation


At Pierpoint Plumbing, we are a full-service plumbing company doing professional work, with attention to every part of the plumbing system’s lifecycle. That’s important because some companies mainly focus on installation and leave the difficult service work to someone else.

That’s not what we’re about here, and as we serve our residential and commercial customers, we take care to offer ongoing value in terms of system consulting and more. That’s a standard that our customers really do appreciate because when something goes wrong at the house, or at your business, you want to know who’s coming to the door and what they can handle. 

The Right Parts; The Right Warranties

Have you ever thought about how your choice in plumbing parts and fixtures might impact your finances years down the road? Some manufacturers offer very attractive warranty options for things like faucets and other fixtures that can and will at some point experience breakage or malfunction.  When your installer knows about these warranties, they can point you in the right direction. You may be able to get lifetime warranties for products that you can save on down the road. Just ask some of our customers who have made the right choices in getting systems that are lifetime-warrantied – and then talk to others who have not been so lucky!

Good Professional Plumbing and Clogs, Etc.

In the plumbing business, we like to say that systems are like live organisms. They live and breathe and change over time. Installation is just the beginning of your relationship with your home systems.  With that in mind, we often help with emerging problems in plumbing systems that we or others installed on the property. For instance, pipes can become compromised due to growing tree roots, impact on the ground they are in, or other factors like poor quality of materials. Too often, the homeowner doesn’t know about these things until the problem is already in the emergency stage, and then there’s a lot of chaos and people playing catch-up. We aim to avoid these types of problems with dedicated consulting and good knowledge of how these systems work overtime.

If you have problems, just call 816-922-0879! We’ll show up and fix what’s wrong, and we’ll talk to you about “home care” to avoid more headaches in the future. We are among the best local plumbing companies in the Greenwood, MO area for a reason: we invest in the training and knowledge that help our customers on the ground. And at Pierpoint Plumbing, that’s something we will never compromise on.