About the Rock Island Woodson Trailhead in Raytown, Missouri

The Rock Island Woodson Trailhead is one of the most beautiful and scenic bike and hiking trails in the region. It is a 6.5-mile-long pathway that starts at Brickyard Road in Kansas City and ends at Jefferson Street in Lee’s Summit. There are two official trailheads: the one at Hartman Park and another at 700 SW Pryor Road in Lee’s Summit. To use the Rockie’s trailhead, follow the arrows on the map.

To begin, you’ll need to start at the Rock Island Woodson Trailhead. The first two phases have three access points: the Truman Sports Complex parking lot, the Downtown Raytown area, and Woodson Road in Raytown. Phase two will be finished by April 2021 and include the Vale Tunnel and Wildwood Bridge. The first phase of the trail, from Jefferson Street in Lee’s Summit to the Lee’s Summit Riverfront, was completed in June 2019.

The first section of the trail follows Cedar Creek. You’ll see a century-old train tunnel. The next mile or so takes you through suburban neighborhoods and parkland before reaching the summit of Rock Island Mountain. This is a popular bike trail. There’s also a section of the Rock Island Line that begins in Lee’s Summit. The second segment begins at S.W. Jefferson St. in Lee’s Summit and ends 13.5 miles north at the Truman Sports Complex.

The first half of the Rock Island Trail leads to the Vale Tunnel, a former railroad tunnel. The second half of the trail heads connect to the 240-mile Katy Trail, which runs from Machens in west Missouri to Clinton in east Missouri. The Katy Trail also provides access to nearby neighborhoods. A paved path leads to both Rock Island Woodson Trailheads. This paved section of the Rockie is the most popular of the two, and is accessible for cyclists and walkers.

The Rock Island Rail Trail is a rails-to-trails destination in Missouri. It is a spur of the Katy Trail, a trail built on the former Chicago, Rock and Pacific Railroad corridor. The trail connects Windsor and Pleasant Hill and features numerous trailheads at Leeton and Chilhowee. If you’re looking for a long-distance bike route, Rock Island Woodson Trailhead is a great place to start.

The service road is the fastest way to the summit. It is nearly completely paved and offers a panoramic view of the town of Ramona. The trail begins near the fire station and ends at a single-track trail that heads uphill. The road is moderately steep, but there are no steep sections. While it is easy to navigate, there are some obstacles. The first one is the worst. The second one is the last one.

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