About the Raytown Historical Society & Museum in Missouri

The Raytown Historical Society & Museum was founded in 1966. Its mission is to preserve the town’s past and present, while educating and entertaining visitors. The Society has more than two hundred members and offers day bus tours of the city. Located at 219 W. Main St., Raytown is a small community of approximately 30,388 residents. Most residents are Caucasian, but there is a significant population of African Americans and Hispanics. Approximately one percent of the population is Native American.

The Raytown Historical Society & Museum are located in an old fire station on the historic Santa Fe Trail. The museum tells the history of this town’s early days and includes an extensive collection of archival materials. It also hosts free events, including lectures and demonstrations. The Raytown Historical Society focuses on local and regional history. It also has exhibits about current issues that affect the community. A new research library is under construction, and volunteers are on hand to answer questions.

The Raytown Historical Society aims to preserve the town’s past. The Society plans to increase the number of interpretive displays and interpretive programs offered to the public. In addition to the museum, there are several living historians who volunteer their time to educate the public about the town’s history. These volunteers share the history of the community with the public and hope to inspire more people to contribute to its future. Located just eight miles south of Independence, the community was founded on the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail, which made its way to Missouri. The site of Raytown’s Blacksmith shop was noted by many travelers who came to the area. The Raytown Historical Association & Museum was chartered in 1966 and continues to grow today.

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