About The Kansas City Zoo in Missouri

If you enjoy animal shows, you should pay a visit to the Kansas City Zoo. This 202-acre zoo is located in Swope Park at 6800 Zodrive. For the best value, visit the southwestern Missouri zoo during the day and stay overnight at the hotel. You can also become a friend of the zoo through the Friends of the KC-zoo program. The Kansas City zoo has over 1,300 animals and is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The Kansas City Zoo is one of the nation’s top zoos. In 2008, it ranked number one for its African exhibits and animals. Its chimpanzee and rhino exhibits have received the praise of Jane Goodall. The zoo also hosts educational events. And to keep everyone interested, there are many dates available for school groups to visit the zoo. There are several activities for children at the a zoo, so even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still find the perfect event for your family.

The zoo has many educational programs for schoolchildren. The Zoo’s Zoo program is a popular choice. This program is funded by the Zoological Tax District and is available to educational organizations in Jackson and Clay counties. It focuses on teaching the next generation of conservation-minded citizens through standards-based learning experiences. The curriculum for the zoo’s k-12 programs is aligned with the Common Core Standards and Missouri Learning Standards.

The zoo’s exhibits are world-class, and its exceptional programs connect people with the natural world. In addition to educating kids about conservation, a zoo connects families with nature, advancing education, and advancing culture. It is an ideal family outing and has been recognized by national organizations like the Parent Magazine for its family-friendly activities. And because it is open year-round, families can visit the kazoo all year round.

The kazoo’s 20-year plan includes improvements in the Zoo’s facilities, animal care, and educational programs. The zoo has also welcomed a new sloth. This zoo has several exciting summer festivals. During the summer months, you can enjoy great berry-picking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. There is something for everyone in the family in Kansas City. The zoo has an incredible array of summer activities and exhibits.

If you love animals, you can visit the Kansas City zoo year-round. It has more than 1,300 animals from around the world. Its African animal exhibits are ranked among the best in the country. Its free parking is convenient for tourists and locals alike. The zoo is open year-round. For the most fun, check out the lions. Various species from the continent of Africa live in this zoo are the stars of the park.

The Kansas City Zoo opened its doors on December 13th, 1909. The zoo now encompasses 202 acres, with over 1,300 animals. It is located in Swope Park, the 29th largest municipal park in the country. In addition to lions, it is home to wolves, tigers, and giraffes. A number of other animal species are housed in other areas of the zoo.

For a family outing, the zoo is a great place to see Koalas and other native animals. The zoo also offers free admission for children and is ranked the top African zoo in America. For the adults, a free admission ticket gives you access to the zoo’s aviary and a bird’s-eye view of the animals. You can even bring your dog along for a day.

The More Zoo is home to more than 1,700 animals. The zoo’s African Exhibit has won numerous awards, including the National Zoo of Africa, which is the highest-rated African zoo in the United States. The More Zoo also includes a free interactive African exhibit for kids. Whether you want to learn about a new species or enjoy the company of other zoo guests, the zoo is the perfect place to go for an enjoyable day out.

The Tropics House has over one million visitors every year. The zoo’s lions and tigers are the center of attention in this zoo. The saki monkeys, golden lion Tamarin, Capybara, Mona, and other primate animals are all featured in the new building. The tropical plants and trees also make for a beautiful environment. The Orangutan Canopy has a glass roof that allows guests to see these creatures up close.

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